Automation engineers are a deeply multidisciplinary bunch. Success and survival in automation demands that all mechanical, electrical, motion, and programming aspects merge together seamlessly and perform in perfect harmony.

Software engineers are sorcerers of the digital realms, bringing to bear decades of experience building systems that enable entirely new ways of solving problems using computing and networks.

Both disciplines are rightly proud of their unique abilities. But because of their cultures and distinct histories, these worlds have persistently misunderstood each other.

Until now. Led by a new generation of engineers and platforms, automation engineering and software engineering are beginning to converge. These unified methods will revolutionize industry just as much as mechanics, electricity, and the first waves of programmability did in earlier eras.

It’s not automation engineer OR software engineer, anymore. We can be both. We can do both. We are Automation Software Engineers.

And if you’re one, too: Welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

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